Three films to work on gender violence with adolescents

These three films bravely delve into the dark and complex topic of sexist violence.

These stories not only offer an eye-opening perspective on the reality of gender inequality, but also invite reflection, empathy and dialogue, especially among adolescents. From the courage of the suffragettes to the fight against domestic oppression, these films paint a moving portrait of female resistance across different eras and realities.

1. "The Suffragettes" (2015)

"The Suffragettes" is a powerful film that transports teenagers to the early 20th century, immersing them in women's historic fight for the right to vote in the United Kingdom. Through the story of Maud Watts, a young worker who joins the suffrage movement, the film addresses not only political oppression but also the complexities of sexist violence in the home and in society. This historical drama offers a unique opportunity for teenagers to reflect on the roots of gender inequality and how courage and solidarity can be powerful tools for change.

2. » Precious » (2009)

»Precious» is an intense film that sheds light on sexist violence in the family context and the struggles of a young woman to free herself from an oppressive environment. The story follows Claireece "Precious" Jones, a teenager who faces physical and emotional abuse at home. The film addresses sensitive topics such as discrimination, domestic violence and the search for empowerment. Although the narrative is heartbreaking, it offers an opportunity for reflection and dialogue about the importance of empathy and support in difficult situations.

3. “Blood Sisters” (2015)

"Blood Sisters" is a moving drama that examines the relationship between two sisters, Aibileen and Minny, and their work as domestic servants in the 1960s in the American South. The film, based on the novel of the same name, highlights the racial discrimination and sexist violence that these women face daily. Through the experiences of these characters, the film offers teenagers a window into the fight for equality and the challenges that women have faced throughout history. "Blood Sisters" is an invitation to reflect on the importance of sisterhood and resistance against oppression.

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