Parenting Coordination Expert

Course aimed at knowing and learning how to handle situations of high family conflict after separation or divorce, in order to ensure the Best Interest of the Minor, seeking the best solution for the children.

The training aims to respond to the need for professionals who can provide assistance to Courts and Tribunals in situations of high conflict between parents, in order to intervene in the evaluation of conflicts, preparation of a parenting plan in order to foresee possible future confrontations and establish guidelines for future relationships.

Calendario Programa

September 2024

Horas Programa

150 hours

Matricula Programa

Open enrollment

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Live online classes

Description of course

What is this program about? 

With the Parenting Coordination Expert course you will learn to know and learn to manage family conflict situations after situations of separation or divorce with the aim of ensuring the safety and interest of the minor.

If you do not have the minimum training required to be accredited as a professional mediator, you can combine this course with one of these two courses:

Plan of studies

The International School of Mediation bases its programs on:

  • The professional skills that every parenting coordinator should have to intervene in situations of high family conflict from public or private institutions.

Likewise, this specialized training is articulated in subjects that are evaluated independently, in which the work methodology is very practical, so that student participation is actively encouraged. A flexible 100 % methodology where students can combine it with any parallel activity. 

Parenting Coordination Expert:

Practical Module

Subject 1. Parenting Coordination

Area 1. Origin.

Area 2: Concept.

Area 3. Objectives.

Area 4. Parenting coordination framework.

Subject 2. The Parenting Coordinator

Area 1. Functions.

Area 2. Obligations.

Area 3. Principles of action of the parenting coordinator.

Area 4. Difference with other figures.

Subject 3. The family

Area 1. Concept of family.

Area 2. Family types.

Area 3. Best Interest of the Minor.

Subject 4. Situations that require special attention

Area 1. Special family situations.

Area 2. Situations of high conflict.

Area 3. Vulnerability situations.

Subject 5. The intervention process in parental coordination

Area 1. Designation of the parental coordinator.

Area 2. Phases of the parental coordination process.

Area 3. Intervention techniques.

Area 4. The parenting plan.

Practical Module


Methodology of course

The Expert Course in Parenting Coordination will be taught practically through the e-learning platform Campus EIM Mediation. Resources that you will have at your disposal:

  • Expert teachers: On the first day you will be assigned a tutor. You will be in contact with him/her through the forum, internal messaging and by email. He/she will help you in your daily life and resolve any questions that may arise.
  • Virtual campus: Everything you need to study at EIM is on campus: video classes, teachers, classmates, library, teaching resources, schedules, chat, forums and much more.
  • Didactic resources: You will have access to different learning resources to complete your training, complementary readings, diagrams with key ideas, self-assessment tests, etc.
  • Resolution of doubts: You will be able to raise any questions that arise during the study or completion of the internship through the online platform, through a forum or through the messaging provided by the platform, or email.

Cloister of the course

The EIM faculty is made up of professionals with extensive professional and teaching experience in the area of mediation.

Degree of course

The course of Parenting Coordination Expert offers you the possibility of accrediting yourself as a specialist and meeting the requirements for your practice. You'll get:

  • Own title issued by the International School of Mediation.

To update continuous training in the Registry of the Ministry of Justice, only the title issued by EIM will be necessary., as an external entity accredited by said Ministry, which will be downloaded at the end of the training.

Registrations and scholarships

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