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Mediation in the workplace

Mediation is becoming a very popular alternative dispute resolution method in companies every day. Compared to arbitration and the judicial procedure before the Labor Court, this negotiation process allows both parties a wide margin of maneuver to reach a satisfactory agreement and thus reduce costs and time. 

“Controversies constantly arise in companies that can lead to negative situations, which is why labor mediation becomes an excellent tool to respond to the interests of the parties,” he explains to Diario Jurídico…

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Intervention with minors at risk of social exclusion: a growing profession that changes lives

In Spain, during the past year, 50,000 boys and girls were cared for by the child protection system; of which, 17,000 are in juvenile centers, according to the Observatory for Children. The protection of the most vulnerable people is a commitment and priority for society. A profession on the rise and with high demand for protection centers. In this context, the Postgraduate in Intervention with Minors arises, a training with internships in minor centers and with a commitment to employment.

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Jero García and mediation:
«I have been rebuilding myself throughout my life, always»

Interview with Jero García telling us about his time in mediation with our general director Susana Pérez.

Jero García is a former professional boxer, Spanish boxing, kick boxing and full contact champion. Coach with more than twenty years of experience and coach of the Hermano Mayor television format. President of the FAID foundation.

Jero García helps integration through sports, and actively fights against bullying.

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School mediation: the basis of dialogue

On January 30, non-violence and peace, solidarity, harmony, respect for Human Rights are commemorated in educational centers, where they are committed as defenders of peace and understanding between people of different origins and ways of thinking. .
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Pro Tips: Sex Education and Pornography

Educating minors about pornography is essential in today's digital age, where access to explicit content is easier than ever. Educators play a crucial role in guiding young people toward a healthy, balanced understanding of sexuality and responsible use of technology.
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Job offers in mediation from February 12 to 18

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