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mediacion comunitaria

School mediation: the basis of dialogue

On January 30, non-violence and peace, solidarity, harmony, respect for Human Rights are commemorated in educational centers, where they are committed as defenders of peace and understanding between people of different origins and ways of thinking. .

mediacion laboral

Mediations in the workplace

In our Mediterranean and Western tradition we have numerous antecedents of specific cultures and later also of people, who were pioneers when it came to methodologically addressing conflict resolution through mediation or techniques that we would include in it today.

mediacion familiar

Mediation in family disputes

The relationship model at home and the quality of the emotional bond between the members of the family group depend, to a large extent, on the personal background of each and every member of the family group. The family is the first axis of socialization for children and the level of interaction that exists in this area determines the life of its members, also, outside of it.