If your dream is to be a Mediator, we have the perfect training for you

Mediation as a conflict management strategy

The Ministry of Justice and public organizations are betting on the mediation as a management strategy of conflicts, before going through the courts, with the aim of decongesting the Administration of Justice. Furthermore, it is a way more peaceful and beneficial to reach an agreement and, of course, Less expensive for both parties in terms of time and money.

Our school He has been training professionals from all sectors in mediation for years. There are already more than 4,000!

After the success of the first September edition of Master in Mediation and Multidisciplinary Conflict Management taught by the International School of Mediation, we have opened a extraordinary call for all those people who stayed at the doors and did not want to miss it.

Why choose the EIM Master in Mediation?

Double qualification and access to the main mediation records

The Master is accredited before the Ministry of Justice and approved by the Miguel de Cervantes European University. At the end of the training you will obtain a double degree:

1. Master's Degree from the International School of Mediation
2. Master's Degree from the Miguel de Cervantes European University

This will allow you to be accredited as a mediator and access the main Mediation Registries.

Specialization in all areas of mediation

With our Master, you can become 360º mediator; acquiring the necessary skills for conflict management in any field of action.

We work for your employability: personal brand and professional development

In addition, you can access our EIM TALENT program, exclusive and free for our students; With which:

  • You will have a personal brand advisor to improve your professional profile.
  • You can sign up for our list of mediators to make yourself visible to Entities and/or Individuals that require the services of a mediator.
  • You will enjoy the priority to access job offers in mediation that come to the School.
  • You will have a mentor that will accompany you in your first mediations.

Mediation training workshops

Train with the best mediation professionals and access complementary mediation training workshops in which you can put yourself in the situation of a real mediation by training your skills and developing the necessary competencies to handle all types of situations in a mediation.

We start the master's degree in mediation next Thursday September 30, 2021.

If you embark on the adventure and are one of the first 10 to register, WE GIVE YOU the Specialty in Mediation by Electronic Means (ODR), so you can mediate online and open the possibility of offering your professional services from anywhere.

Now it's your turn choose become a mediation professional.

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