Javier Alés Sioli

Eim Enero

European Mediation Day 26 years later

To practice as a mediation professional, it is not only important to have specialized training in effective conflict management, given by approved training centers, following the aspects established by Law 5/2012 of July 6 on mediation in civil and commercial matters, but In addition, continuous training must be carried out.

confidencialidad en mediación

The importance of confidentiality in mediation

When we talk about confidentiality, we can perfectly identify it with the so-called professional secret.

In the first term, we understand that the mediator cannot reveal the particulars and details of the mediation to anyone, that is, bring out what is "simmering inside", since this can help the parties feel safe and comfortable during the mediation process.

docente mediación judicial

Family, conflict and Mediation: A cultural change

Everyone knows an old phrase that we heard in our families that said: “dirty linen is washed at home.” And so it is, from my beginnings as a mediator I was aware that this “medicine” called mediation is fundamental and is especially prescribed when it comes to family conflicts, since relationships will continue over time and last after a conflict within the family. the same.

La paz y la mediación

Peace and mediation

Obviously, no one is unaware of how much is written about peace in the world. I believe that as much as that precept that is so important for human relationships: coexistence is not fulfilled.

Javier Bigdata 100

Big Data applied to mediation

At the international school of mediation, within the health specialty, we analyze and learn, among other fundamental concepts, the one that I am going to tell you about today.
The National Health Service: What is it and what is it based on?