Community mediation to resolve conflicts in Valladolid

Starting this February 1, the Valladolid City Council launches the community mediation service to resolve conflicts and improve coexistence between residents of the neighborhoods of Valladolid.

In this case, the Valladolid City Council has decided to opt for this alternative method of conflict resolution, in which four mediation professionals start working on this project to promote community coexistence, since as the delegate councilor for Community Coexistence and Mediation, Carmen Jiménez, explains, «In view of this reality, we are firmly committed to the figure of the community mediator as a professional who intervenes between social actors in order to build bridges or links in order to prevent, resolve and reformulate possible conflicts, in addition to promoting communication and understanding and thus achieve a more cohesive society.

Intercultural Citizen Coexistence Plan 2019-2023

The Valladolid City Council, through the Department of Social Services and Community Mediation, has communicated the development of the Intercultural Citizen Coexistence Plan 2019-2023, with the purpose of promoting peaceful coexistence in the municipality, promoting respect and tolerance towards groups that, due to their diversity, may be subject to discrimination.

Community Mediation

We can define this concept as a type of alternative conflict resolution that aims to achieve good coexistence between people from their perspective as citizens within a Community.

This type of mediation not only addresses the resolution of active conflicts, but also their prevention and the promotion of ideas of coexistence and citizen participation.

Specialist mediator course in the community environment

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