Last minute shopping for the Three Wise Men?

Last minute shopping for the Three Wise Men

Howard is a businessman who is late to his son's karate class. To make him forgive him, he promises to give him whatever he wants for Christmas: his son asks for a Turboman doll. The problem is that the toy is the most popular and is sold out in all toy stores from the country. With only a few hours before Christmas, Howard begins a comical odyssey throughout the city to hunt and capture the precious toy..”

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We all remember this hilarious Christmas movie, and if you have not seen it, I invite you to do so, at least you will laugh, but, in addition, probably some reader may have found themselves in a similar situation, some Christmas What other. Well, let's break down these last minute purchases a little 😉

Mediator specialized in consumer matters

And there is nothing more overwhelming (figuratively) than wanting to give a loved one a gift and either not finding it or simply making a mistake in the choice, to avoid “problems” during the purchase and afterwards, we have to indicate several interesting aspects for the “consumer”, such as:

1º Be forward-thinking. There is nothing more effective in the field of consumption on these dates than being forward-thinking. It is highly recommended to write the letter to the Three Wise Men well in advance of their arrival, thereby avoiding compulsive and unreasonable purchases that will later lead us to have to return, or simply keep in a drawer, or give later to someone else hehehe.

2nd Ticket or proof of purchase. It is important to always have and ask for the purchase and payment receipt, since in order to make returns this is essential, including the bank card with which the payment was made to be able to make the return or exchange, do not reject the receipt.

3º Clear information when purchasing. Another aspect not to forget is to observe that in the store (whether physical or online) the purchase conditions are clearly observed, that is, the return period, whether it is in cash or a voucher to be spent in the store, warranty conditions etc. We cannot miss these aspects since surprises can come later when it comes to an exchange or return.

4º The Three Wise Men are going to save little. That's right, in the case of toys, the studies that are carried out very frequently by consumer organizations show that the price difference between some stores and others for the same product is negligible and perhaps it is not worth walking far to buy, Online companies may be an alternative to this.

5th Always in view the Complaints and Claims Sheet. It is important not to miss that it is mandatory in a physical establishment to have the possibility of requesting the complaints and claims form in view, but in the online sphere, almost the same thing, there must be the option of being able to use an RLL for the consumer. .

Arbitraje De Consumo

6º Adhered to consumer arbitration or ADR/ODR/RLL. I strongly recommend that, when purchasing, whether in person or online, whoever we buy from, we see that they are adhered to one of these means, this will greatly facilitate any future problems with the purchase.

These quick tips are what consumer specialists and more as mediators and arbitrators specialized in this matter can offer, since on a daily basis we advise consumers, companies and professionals about their obligations and rights in the consumer relationships that unite them.

And there are many problems, claims and arbitrations after Christmas, especially regarding warranty issues and particular purchasing conditions. It is a true world that legally surrounds both parties, consumer and company/professional, and that is why it is key. the figure of the specialist in this matter when advising.

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Where to work as a consumer specialist mediator?

Ministerio De Consumo

There are multiple sectors in which consumer law and more specifically mediation in consumption has its place, from advice and service provision mediator consumer specialist in companies in the services or products sector that have a relationship with the final consumer, passing through public entities (City Councils, Associations, Provincial Councils, National Organizations and European Organizations) through consumer arbitration boards or OMIC services, even in the AACC.

Remember that as I always point out, “We all” are “consumers”, no one is immune from it, and this is why it is important to know or have the tools to know the rules of the daily game we play, consumption. Happy holidays and happy new year 2023.  

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