Meli Herrera

Meli Herrera


Meli Herrera

Academic training

Graduate in Pedagogy, Social and Labor specialty from the Complutense University of Madrid.

Postgraduate Specialist in Parental Coordination.

Postgraduate University specialist in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

Postgraduate Expert in Therapeutic Psychomotor Skills.

Master in Psychomotricity.

EIM Teaching

Parenting Coordination Teacher

Professional experience

Parenting Coordinator.

Professional coach, specialist in Emotional Intelligence and NLP.

Family Counselor.

Pedagogical Advisor.

Psychomotor Therapist


Director and Founder of Vivencialia-processes of change.

Latest articles by Meli Herrera

Acoso escolar

Bullying mediation: how it can be used to resolve conflicts between students and to prevent and address bullying.

In today's society in which school conflicts are increasing, interpersonal relationships, communication, emotional management and conflict resolution play a key role in preventing violence and different forms of aggression.
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Social and family isolation in minors who are victims of conflictive breakups

Minors seek comfort, security and protection in their significant figures and this allows them to build their personality.
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The figure of the parenting coordinator to the aid of minors immersed in high parental conflict.

Although it is true that there are legal instruments and tools to resolve the problems that arise in father-mother-child relationships, these are not sufficient in the highly conflictive breakup processes in which minors are immersed.