jose carlos cabrera


Jose Carlos Cabrera Medina

Academic training

Graduate in Philology
Diploma of Advanced Studies on Emigration and Moroccan Arabic Language
Master in Corporate Social Responsibility

EIM Teaching

Intercultural mediation teacher

Professional experience

  • Consultant on public policies on childhood, migration and cultural management
  • Moroccan Arabic teacher at Fundación Tres Culturas
  • Director of the Mediterranean Route radio program
  • Intercultural mediator for 18 years for the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in a Minor Protection Center in Algeciras
  • Responsible for communication and incidence of CEAR (Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance) in Andalusia
  • Researcher at the University of Granada in the Arab and Islamic Studies group

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Confidentiality in mediation: scope and limits

Sometimes we mediators are like tightrope walkers in the middle of the cable of a complex process where confidentiality is like that long pole that helps us in that difficult balance in the heights.
mediacion comunitaria

Community mediation: uniting neighborhoods and communities

In our days where migration is going to be one of the great challenges to address social cohesion in our societies, community mediation is going to become, if not already, a key strategy to address it through dialogue.
Mediacion a lo largo de la historia

The pioneers of mediation: key figures in history and their legacy until 2024

In our Mediterranean and Western tradition we have numerous antecedents of specific cultures and later also of people, who were pioneers when it came to methodologically addressing conflict resolution through mediation or techniques that we would include in it today.