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Job offers and tenders to work as a mediator from February 25 to March 4

Ofertas de empleo.

Real Estate Conflict Mediator in Alicante

Description: Looking for a Mediator for real estate conflicts to intervene with families in housing conflicts that present social problems. Mediation and intermediation in cases. Combined work between carrying out interventions on properties and preparing reports, providing daily reporting and with a specific contract duration. Minimum requirements: -Graduate in Social Work (Diploma and Degree) or bachelor's degrees or related. -Specific training in Mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution. -Preparation and development of reports with daily report. -Intermediate level management of an important company Office package (Excel, Word), Dropbox and email (Outlook and Gmail). -Driving license B and own vehicle. Competencies: -High tolerance to stress and self-control under pressure. -Time management with a focus on results (objectives and deadlines). -Effective conflict resolution. -Flexibility to change and taking initiative. -Objectivity and empathy. -Ability to coordinate, self-manage and teamwork. To access the job offer click here. Ofertas de empleo.

Intercultural mediator for juvenile justice in Barcelona

Description:  Looking for an intercultural mediator for juvenile justice. This is the professional responsible for intercultural mediation between minors or young people admitted to juvenile justice educational centers and the center's professionals to guarantee the correct provision of the service and the social insertion of the users. Minimum requirements: -Degree in psychology, social work, pedagogy, social anthropology and culture, criminology psychology or social education. -Previous experience of 24 months. -Driving license B and own vehicle. Competencies: -Problem solving ability. -Resilience. -Communication. -Active listening. -Document management. -Guidance and services to people. -Teamwork. -Languages: Upper Arabic, Upper Catalan, Medium French, Medium English. To access the job offer click here. Ofertas de empleo.

Intercultural Mediation Educator in the Canary Islands

Description: At Save the Children Spain we are looking for an Educator to help guarantee the improvement of the situation of vulnerability and lack of protection of migrant children and young people in the Canary Islands through care and development of mediation actions. Minimum requirements: -University Degree in Social Work, social integration, psychology, mediation or similar. -Essential: Training and knowledge in: Protection, Children's rights and/or child and youth participation. -Use of tools at a professional level: Office automation –Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access… -Essential: Spanish, Arabic. Valuable: English, French and Bambara. Features: -Plan, execute and evaluate the intercultural mediation activities of the childhood on the move program: information, mediation and interpretation, detection of vulnerabilities, prevention and resolution of conflicts. -Train and empower children on the move through socio-educational activities and participatory dynamics. -Contribute to the design, execution and monitoring of psychosocial activities for child and youth participation. -Facilitate networking with other agents (centers, services,...) to guarantee the quality of the response and service. -Comply with the documentary management of the service: assistance, contracts, reports, etc. -Any other task in accordance with your professional category that is entrusted to you by your manager. To access the job offer click here.

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