Mediation, main source of conflict resolution

Mediation and conflict resolution

Mediation and conflict resolution, two concepts that go hand in hand and that, thanks to Mediation Service of the Andalusian Ombudsman's Office They are put in place to resolve conflicts that may arise between citizens and the public administration itself.

It is about resolving differences in a "peaceful" way in order to avoid reaching other (judicial) avenues that could delay the agreement between the parties. They are always free to determine a solution to their problem and unless an agreement is not reached, the Ombudsman would intervene to define the steps to follow.

The mediator will help reach an agreement acceptable to the parties.

Thanks to the actions of professionals, the processes are usually carried out in an agile and safe way, thus increasing the satisfaction of the needs of both and the dialogue to reach an environment of understanding.

Mediation Model of the Andalusian Ombudsman

The dPA has proposed a model to address mediation in its different interventions.

  1. Impartiality: Mediation must ensure the individual interests of citizens and groups, being impartial to the parties.
  2. Willfulness: Mediation may or may not be accepted by the parties, with the exception of the Public Administration, which is invited to participate in the dPA mediation processes.
  3. Purpose: Mediation has a triple purpose: finding a solution + improving dialogue and understanding between the parties + transferring culture to citizens.
  4. Solution proposals: The defender can make solution proposals in situations where the parties cannot reach an agreement.
  5. Confidentiality: Importance of protecting information between the parties.
  6. Agility: Mediation should be an agile process that encourages the search for new approaches to resolving the conflict.
  7. Common Elements: The characteristics are common to the rest of the mediation process; flexible action, adaptable to the needs of the parties and with them as protagonists.

A model, that of the mediation of the Andalusian Ombudsman, which will undoubtedly lead to positive actions for citizens.

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