Beginning of mediation in virtual format: adaptation to the 2.0 medium

From the perspective of the 2.0 mediator, this new professional profile that provides its services through networks, it is indisputable that it is necessary to adapt the process of mediation to the demands of the non-face-to-face model.

Working through networks cannot be a replica of the in-person model since there are elements that disappear and others that arise as a consequence of virtual interaction.

Today, in this brief post, we share some elements that are necessary in virtual work in mediation and that mostly affect the mediation process; Other elements such as communication tools also undergo alteration, but today, we will stick to the four essential elements of the communication process. mediation relying on virtual tools.

  • It is necessary to carry out a registration and identification on the website that offers the service of the person interested in carrying out the management of the conflict through electronic mechanisms.

Using a form, you must declare the email address of the second party, a brief summary of the conflict, problem or complaint and the choice of payment method – first part, second part or both parts.

  • The system can automatically generate the sending of an email to the second party informing it of a request from the first party to resolve a dispute through ODR. In the event that the second party accepts the procedure, record their data and a brief summary of the conflict. If the second party does not agree, the case is closed.
  • Once the process is accepted, an e-mail is sent to the first party informing them that they have agreed to participate and a second e-mail to make the payment before proceeding. 
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In conclusion, we have a advanced mediation in more than 30 percent in which the mediator or his/her team has hardly intervened and that is why the information session is canceled and therefore, the workload for the mediator is dissipated and he/she begins to play a role more important and different in the generation of options or in the search for information regarding the conflict that the parties have identified.

Do you want to discover all the variants of the mediator's work and enter the professional world? This could be a good first step.

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