Gender violence among adolescents.

The Violence against women It is present in all countries, crossing the borders of age, training, economic level, religion or race. According to United Nations, this is a problem of pandemic proportions, since according to data from a study on gender violence carried out by INJUVE, it is estimated that at least one in three women in the world has been beaten, forced to have sex, or otherwise abused by a romantic partner in her lifetime.

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Is gender violence common in young couples?

As for young people, they are not immune to this phenomenon, with control violence being one of the most prevalent forms of gender violence in this age group. According to him 2021 Barometer of the Reina Sofía Center, 18.1% of teenage boys recognize that it is normal to look at their partner's cell phone, compared to 12.7% of them. And three out of ten boys consider that a partner necessarily limits your freedom and normalizes the presence of jealousy as proof of love (28% between them, 15% between them). According to this same study, one in five young boys (between 15 and 29 years old) believes that gender violence is an ideological invention and one in four believes that feminism seeks to harm them.

What steps have we taken as a society to fight against Gender Violence?

One of the key aspects to effectively fight GBV is to increase the degree of involvement of society, its level of knowledge, sensitivity and awareness around the problem that GBV implies. There are several actions undertaken in Spain along these lines. To achieve these objectives, the first big step was the approval in 2004 of the Law on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence (Comprehensive Law). Likewise, in 2008 and in compliance with the provisions of the Comprehensive Law, the National Plan for Awareness and Prevention of Gender Violence was prepared and created.

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What can we professionals do to fight against Gender Violence among adolescents?

As professionals who intervene with minors, we must know, detect and have the necessary skills to intervene in cases of Gender Violence. Below we mention some of the signs that can raise the alarm about a situation of gender violence in an adolescent girl:

  • He moves away from his old friendships. He stops seeing his usual friends and starts going out with other people.
  • He talks little about his emotional problems.
  • He doubts his own feelings and judgment. He believes he is worth little or nothing. She feels bad about herself, is undervalued.
  • She feels grateful (unnaturally) when her boyfriend is respectful. Even if you don't agree, accept their decisions. Lose your will.
  • Ignores his own needs in favor of those of others. He even sacrifices his own independence for the desire to receive love.
  • You don't know if you want to end the relationship or continue with it.
  • Your school performance drops or work. It is difficult for him to concentrate on his activities (this did not happen before). She seems very distracted.
  • He has health problems. Your appetite is altered (you eat more or have no appetite). Your sleep rhythm changes (you sleep too little or too much).
  • You are afraid that your partner will get angry. You are constantly in contact with him via cell phone or social networks, which prevents you from concentrating on whatever you are doing at that moment, whether it is schoolwork, watching a movie, doing some housework or having a conversation.
  • He does not accept comments or opinions about his partner or his “new lifestyle.” He appears irascible with their teachers, classmates or friends.
  • He is irascible with the family. Reacts in bad ways for unimportant things. It poses problems going on vacation or spending weekends away if he does not accompany her.

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