Javier Alés Sioli


Javier Alés Sioli

Academic training

Degree in Law
Doctor Honoris Causa from the Cuauhtemoc University of Aguascalientes (Mexico) and the International School of Law

EIM Teaching

Teacher in family mediation and collaborating teacher in the specialty of network mediation (ODR)

Professional experience

  • Lawyer of the Illustrious Bar Association of Seville since 1985
  • Mediator since 1998
  • Full Professor at the Loyola Andalusia University
  • Founder and Director of the International Forum of Professional Mediators (FIMEP)
  • Lecturer and speaker at numerous international institutions, both academic and professional.
  • Author of numerous publications in magazines and books, among which his latest book published in May 2020 “Relatos de Mediación” on Amazon stands out.

Latest articles by Javier Alés Sioli

Eim Enero

European Mediation Day 26 years later

To practice as a mediation professional, it is not only important to have specialized training in effective conflict management, given by approved training centers, following the aspects established by Law 5/2012 of July 6 on mediation in civil and commercial matters, but In addition, continuous training must be carried out.
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Mediation in neighborhood disputes: Building communities in harmony

At the time of writing this post, a television series comes to mind that years ago went “viral” using a current term, which was nothing more than the small screen adaptation of a comic from the 70s called “13 Rue del Percebe”. ... Read more
confidencialidad en mediación

The importance of confidentiality in mediation

When we talk about confidentiality, we can perfectly identify it with the so-called professional secret. In the first term, we understand that the mediator cannot reveal the particulars and details of the mediation to anyone, that is, bring out what is "simmering inside", since this can help the parties feel safe and comfortable during the mediation process.