paloma ales


Beautiful Ales Pigeon

Academic training

Law Graduate
Master in Law
Master in Civil, Commercial and Family Mediation
Master in Teaching in Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching

EIM Teaching

Community mediation teacher

Professional experience

  • Lawyer specializing in Administrative Law
  • Professional mediator. Coordinated the Community Mediation Service of the Triana District
  • Member of the International Forum of Professional Mediators (FIMEP)
  • Member of the Sevillian School of Mediation
  • Teacher at CESUR
  • Teacher in postgraduate courses in mediation taught at the university level

Latest articles by Paloma Alés Hermosa

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How mediation can help in community conflicts

How mediation can be used to resolve conflicts between neighbors, in non-profit organizations and in other situations in which the parties have common interests.
23J elecciones generales y mediación

23J: The role of mediation in the next general elections

The role of mediation in the general elections of the next 23J. What do the different parties say in relation to mediation in their electoral programs?
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