Eva Cabra Vázquez


Eva Cabra Vazquez

Academic training

Graduate in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid
Master in Mediation from the Faculty of Law of the University of Malaga

EIM Teaching

Teacher in educational mediation

Professional experience

  • Vice-dean of the Official College of Oriental Psychology and member of Mediation
  • Delegate of the Community of Andalusia of the International Forum of Professional Mediators (FIMEP)
  • Founder of COMMEDIACIÓN (Communication and Mediation): development and implementation of mediation projects
  • President of the Malaga Mediation Association A-MEDIACIÓN
  • Psychologist with private practice, specialized in adolescents
  • Director of the Unamuno School Parents School

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mediacion comunitaria

School mediation: the basis of dialogue

On January 30, non-violence and peace, solidarity, harmony, respect for Human Rights are commemorated in educational centers, where they are committed as defenders of peace and understanding between people of different origins and ways of thinking. .
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Mediation is not a tool, it is a right

Educational mediation is not a simple conflict management tool, which can be used in educational centers to deal with various problems arising from interpersonal relationships between the different members of the educational community, it represents a full right of citizens, to which It should be easy to access and it is so important that we should not deny it to young people.