Emilia Ramirez Campana


Emilia Ramirez Campaign

Academic training

Graduate in Law from the University of Malaga
University expert in Family Mediation from UNED
Expert in Family Law by the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga

EIM Teaching

Teacher of legal and economic aspects of the conflict

Professional experience

  • Lawyer specializing in civil law, civil liability in traffic accidents and family law
  • Member of the Mediation Commission of the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga
  • Member of the Solucion@ Mediation Association
  • Mediator registered in the Registry of Mediators and Mediating Institutions of the Ministry of Justice
  • Member of the AEAFA

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How mediation can be used to resolve conflicts in the business environment

How mediation can be used to resolve conflicts between companies, between companies and their clients and between different departments of a company.
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Mediation as a prerequisite to the start of a judicial process

Over the last few months, I have been telling you about the evolution of the Procedural Efficiency Law Project, which aims to streamline Justice activity in structural terms, facilitate social cohesion and contribute to the sustainability of the system.
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Working in mediation: pros and cons

The mediator is defined as a third party who is asked to carry out a mediation in an effective, impartial and competent manner. This effectiveness and competence in their actions requires that the mediator have training that allows them to do so.