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Working in mediation: pros and cons

The mediator is defined as a third party who is asked to carry out a mediation in an effective, impartial and competent manner. This effectiveness and competence in their actions requires that the mediator have training that allows them to do so.

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Empathy in mediation

We are in a very important moment of recognition towards women. We are experiencing the “veil” rebellion in Iran. That is why today it is important to also vindicate women's efforts for peace and mediation.

Acta Final De Mediación

Model of final mediation record

We will tell you the procedure that must be carried out to write a model of the final mediation record and the necessary requirements.

Cuánto Vale Una Mediación

How much does mediation cost?

How much does mediation cost? We tell you from the freedom of pricing the criteria that are taken into account.