Registration of mediators Canary Islands


In this section we will provide you with all the information you need to register as a mediation professional in this Autonomous Community. Likewise, you will be able to consult the training you need to meet requirements and that our School makes available to you.

Training Academic

  • Have a university degree in Law, Psychology, Social Work or other Social Sciences.
  • If you do not have training in Law, you must have legal advice in the exercise of your duties.
  • Be registered in their respective professional associations.

Training specific

  • Specific postgraduate training in Family Mediation. This must have a minimum duration of 200 teaching hours and include an internship program. Our specialist course will help you to this end.
  • The training must include content in the areas of: Family law; Sociology; Psychology and Pedagogy. Likewise, syllabus related to conflict resolution methods and techniques must be included; and principles and methodology of Family Mediation.
  • This training must be provided by Professional Colleges, Universities or Higher Training Centers authorized for this purpose by the Ministry responsible for education. If it is carried out in a different educational entity, it must have a favorable report from the competent body of the Ministry of the Canary Islands.

Training keep going

  • You must certify 20 hours of training every 5 years.

The International Mediation School also has continuous training. You can choose up to 17 specialties. Access by clicking here.


Registration application

To register in the Registry of Family Mediators you must complete the following application, and then present it with the required documentation.

Required documentation

The documentation required for registration in the Registry of Family Mediators of the Canary Islands, both in person and electronically, is the following:

  • Registration request in the mediator registry
  • Documentation proving identity (DNI, NIE or passport)
  • Official degree
  • Membership certificate

Procedure to follow in registration

You must complete the registration application present in the previous section. You can present it:

  • Telematically: Through the Canary Islands Government website. 
  • In person: You can submit the application at the General Directorate of Relations with the Administration of Justice of the Government of the Canary Islands. It will also be possible to provide it in:
  • In the records of administrative bodies to whom they address.
  • In the records of any administrative body, which belongs to the General State Administration, to that of any Administration of the Autonomous Communities, to that of any Administration of the DProvincial representations, Cabildos and Island Councils, to the Municipal Councils referred to in article 121 of Law 7/1985, of April 2, regulating the Bases of the Local Regime, or that of the rest of the entities that make up the Local Management if, in the latter case, the appropriate agreement had been signed.
  • At the Post Office, in the manner established by regulation.
  • In the rdiplomatic representations or consular offices from Spain abroad.
  • In any other that establish the current provisions.