Key skills to be a good mediator

When we ask ourselves about the true nature of mediation, we could dedicate ourselves to searching for legal or social foundations, or if we are determined, we could make sense of explanations of any kind (psychological, social, humanistic, etc.) that could serve as a justification for the birth of a mediation. mediation procedure after a conflict arises between people who may or may not be family and which in numerous cases entails significant disorders or alterations for any of the areas of study that we have mentioned previously.

However, we cannot make the mistake of leading a discourse that means leaving behind realities that will truly characterize the mediation procedure at some point; This is justified in the definition of the characters of the human being since facts that are of different kinds (psychological, sociological or legal) come together. Therefore, along these lines we are going to try to make sense of the mediator's skills in any of its facets, relating them and how all of them will take on special relevance for the mediator, who must be well versed in all of them.

Before dealing with such doctrinal topics as the most abstract of those possible in the Mediation procedure, such as the definition of its nature, I would like to take it to the simplest reality that we can know. The skills of the mediator, with capital letters, have been the protagonist of the reality of the human race since its most ancient origins; In ancient tribes, in more advanced societies and in family nuclei, there will always be a person who has the task, recognized or not by the rest of the members of the group (family or not), of sorting out in some way the possible conflicts that arise. could be born among themselves creating an atmosphere of dialogue. A clear example can be found in the family unit where we have been able to find well-defined roles such as that of head of the family or caregiver of the children; Well, in the same way, we could find one of the members to whom the rest go to deal with their problems with another of the members and who is in charge of asserting his left hand in the treatment of that problem.

Well, by getting closer to that role and making this role more real, we have been able to recognize the role of the mediator who, in conflicts between father and children, who seem to “revolt” against the authority of their father, are capable of avoiding the conflict. of using techniques that mediation makes its own that really make certain human beings have in their range of social values certain tools that allow them to place themselves between

I understand that human beings by default find in the communication of their problems one of the most effective medicines to solve them and this should be the main skill of the mediator; The only thing that happens, and which is no small thing, is that we need to find someone in whom to place that essential trust so that the mental barriers we place disappear. The mediator knows this truth and cannot reach the protagonists of the mediation if it is not by jumping over that obstacle to get closer at that moment to where he must do so to create an adequate scenario to try returning to the title, the main one of the roots and sustenance of Mediation is the need that human beings have to communicate what is happening to them.

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