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Jose Jesus Trujillo Vargas

Academic training

Graduate in Psychopedagogy
Master in social and intercultural mediation
Doctor in Social Psychology from the Pablo de Olavide University
Youth violence expert

EIM Teaching

Teacher of other areas of application of mediation

Professional experience

  • Teacher-researcher at the Department of Education and Social Psychology at the Pablo de Olavide University
  • Teacher at the Colombian university (CECAR)
  • Associate professor at UNIR

Latest articles by José Jesús Trujillo Vargas

mediacion familiar

Mediation in family disputes

The relationship model at home and the quality of the emotional bond between the members of the family group depend, to a large extent, on the personal background of each and every member of the family group. The family is the first axis of socialization for children and the level of interaction that exists in this area determines the life of its members, also, outside of it.
Ninos Escuela Levantando Mano Aula

Mediation: An Empowering Approach to Bullying Cases

Bullying is any form of psychological, verbal or physical abuse that occurs deliberately and continuously between students, regardless of their age. It is estimated that between 15% and 50% of them children and adolescents may have been victims of bullying at some point.
Mediación escolar

School mediation: Building foundations for an education without conflicts

Educating for Peace is the commitment that every professional in socio-educational action should acquire in order to promote a culture that enables the implementation of Universal Human Rights. However, it is not a complex task in times where climate denialism, patriarchy, climate... Read more